Image of Akata Warrior


Image of Akata Warrior

In Akata Warrior, the sequel to Akata Witch, Okorafor has created two thoroughly engaging worlds in her books — that of Nigeria today and the world of spirits. In the spirit world masquerades and secret languages exist that only her main characters are able to navigate. The power of this book lies in the fact that she makes both worlds so vividly real, dangerous and intriguing, meaning that readers will be invested in Sunny’s battles in both worlds. The action and high stakes of her quest keep the plot moving quickly, and Sunny’s growing strength in the face of loss and her developing insight ensure that The Akata Series is only going to keep getting better. New readers should plan to begin with book one, Akata Witch, to better understand the developments here.

One year ago, Sunny Nwazue was inducted into the Leopard Society, and since then, has begun developing her powers with her mentor Sugar Cream. But Sunny knows that she cannot outrun her destiny to prevent an apocalypse, and with every nightmare that shatters her sleep, and every line she uncovers in her magical books, Sunny knows that it won’t be long before she and her Leopard Society friends are forced to defend humanity from the overwhelming powers that threaten it. (VIKING, Oct., 496 pp., $18.99, HC, 12 & Up)
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Bridget Keown