Image of The Alice Network: A Novel


Image of The Alice Network: A Novel

Well known for her Roman-set historical novels, Quinn moves with ease into the 20th century where there is a plethora of stories to tell. This novel speaks to the female network of spies working in France during WWI and its repercussions post-WWII. Told through the lens of two very different women, the eras unfold separately and then collide with shocking results. Lovingly crafted and brimming with details, readers are sure to be held in Quinn’s grip watching as the characters evolve. Powerful reading you can’t put down!

In 1947, Charlie St. Clair is unwed, pregnant and on her way to Switzerland for an abortion. However, she takes a detour to try and locate her cousin Rose, missing in Nazi-occupied France. She’ll need Evelyn Gardiner’s help. Eve had been a member of an elite WWI female spy ring, her speech impediment, small stature and plain features making her ideal for espionage work. The horrors Eve faced have turned her into a hard drinking, embittered hermit. Charlie’s arrival gives Eve the opportunity to get her revenge against those who betrayed the network. Traveling through France in a classic car with their driver has its own dangers, but these are risks both women will take to untangle the truth. (MORROW, Jun., 500 pp., $10.55)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin