Image of Alien Education (Alien Novels)


Image of Alien Education (Alien Novels)

For the 15th chapter in Koch’s insane and insanely funny Alien series, the action turns to many parents nightmare — the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Despite being FLOTUS and Queen Regent of the planet, Kitty Katt-Martini is not exempt from the politics and infighting surrounding schools and fundraising. As always, there are plots within plots in this story, as a variety of evildoers are intent on wreaking havoc. Koch’s genius for taking the completely outlandish and making it seem perfectly plausible insures her loyal readers are in for yet another amazing roller-coaster ride. Great stuff!

Along with all her usual world-saving actions, Kitty is now also having to deal with two issues she would rather not — having to cooperate with the anchors of Good Day USA and put together an unexpected bake sale for the Sidwell Friends PTA. As the circle of kids from Kitty and Jeff’s gang expands and grows older, issues are arising. The newest kid to join Kitty’s flock is Wasim, the eldest grandson of Raheem, the King of Bahrain. Raheem wants Wasim to get a U.S. education and he is about the same age as Lizzie, Kitty’s teenage ward. The kids are going to go to Sidwell, and Kitty is now suddenly locked in a battle with the president of the PTA — who is doing her best to sabotage anything Kitty attempts. Is this normal political infighting or something more sinister? With the sudden emergence of a new form of female robot, Kitty is once again juggling attacks from various quarters. Bizarrely, to battle some of these adversaries, Kitty is going to need to get her mambo dancing skills on. (DAW, May, 496 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith