Image of All the Crooked Saints


Image of All the Crooked Saints

A Stiefvater stand-alone, full of magical realism and scenery so vivid it’s a living, breathing part of the tale? YES, PLEASE! This tangle of fables and miracles has a dreamy quality to it, as Stiefvater weaves a large cast of characters together, all clearly and concisely developed with their own worries and dreams. (Her very Stiefvater way of introducing characters will delight fans new and old.) She tackles so much in a scant 288 pages, from the personal cost of being a saint to the struggle of solving your own morass when the answer is so obvious to others. The depth of this tale is amazing, and you’ll savor each page as you think about your own life — what would the physical manifestation of your biggest problem be?

The sainted Soria family has long lived in the remote outpost of Bicho Raro, Colorado. Stories of the miracles they bestow have spread, and visitors arrive hoping for help with their deepest troubles. But these miracles aren’t quite what one expects, and the results aren’t always entirely satisfactory. As two newcomers approach, one looking for a miracle and the other a truck, Bicho Raro will never be the same. (SCHOLASTIC, Oct., 288 pp., $19.99, HC, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno