A single moment can change your life. This story examines the power of change in the lives of two women who share nothing more than a connection to one man. The plot is intriguing and fast paced. The female characters are likable, but the feckless reactions of the husband/father are annoying. His retreat from responsibility undermines the wife’s character as well as his own. Why would a strong, likable woman go to such lengths to make amends for his shortcomings?

Sunshine’s mother saves the 19-year-old and her three children from participating in a mass suicide by helping them escape from the Family of Superior Bliss, the cult complex where they live. She gives them a piece of paper with a stranger’s name and address, which leads them to the father Sunshine has never known. Liesel Albright willingly shelters her husband’s out-of-wedlock daughter and her children, although her husband refuses to become involved. This unusual family proves to be difficult to help, however, since the brainwashing of Sunshine has been so powerful. Her escape from the cult doesn’t mean that she has been freed from their strange beliefs. (MIRA, Jan., 400 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett