Image of All the Lies We Tell (Quarry Street)


Image of All the Lies We Tell (Quarry Street)

Guilt and forgiveness are the powerful muses that fuel Hart's newest endeavor. Poignant, heartfelt and raw with realism, Hart writes in the past and the present to take readers on a journey that examines the intricacies of human nature and the choices we make that shape us. Rich in detail with complex characters and Hart's familiar bold and honest dialogue, All the Lies We Tell offers a chance at redemption and forgiveness to two families who are torn apart and then rebuilt by tragedy.

Alicia Harrison should never have married Ilya Stern, but grief and guilt often blind people to the truth until it’s too late. Now divorced but still connected through business, Alicia feels trapped and unable to move forward. When her ex-brother-in-law and former best friend comes home for a funeral, she finds herself reliving the past and admitting to herself the part she played in creating her own cage. Nikolai Stern ran from his home and family years ago but he never forgot Alicia — or his feelings for her. Now back home, he takes stock of his own life and the decisions he made. As Alicia and Niko lie to one another and their family about their growing attraction, choices will again be made that will either destroy them or finally set them all free. (MONTLAKE, May, 304 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson