Image of All the Little Lights


Image of All the Little Lights

McGuire brings readers a beautiful love story filled with honest, heartfelt emotion. With a raw, genuine candidness in her storytelling, McGuire will capture readers as she delves into complex matters of the heart. A strong solid, plot that will touch the heart. With a calm, tenderhearted, strong, wise Elliot and a resilient, vulnerable Catherine, McGuire will appeal to readers. Catherine and Elliot’s voices are stark, earnest and pure as they express their angst, love and hurt. McGuire’s latest is a story of enduring love that readers will fall in love with.

When fifteen year-old Catherine Calhoun catches Elliot Youngblood taking a picture of her, it is the beginning of a sincere, deep friendship between them.  A friendship that, over one summer, turns into love.   Elliot can relate to Catherine’s feeling like a pariah and he’s there for her, standing up for her, supporting her, loving her and connecting with her on a deep level.  One night as Elliot walks Catherine home, tragedy strikes her family.  When Catherine turns to Elliot for support, he is gone - having left her. Two years later, Elliot returns to town and to Catherine.  A senior at her high school, he wants to continue their friendship but Catherine can’t get over his abandoning her.  However, Elliot is persistent and  pursues Catherine until she comes around.  When a terrible crime occurs in town putting Elliot under suspicion, their newfound love is tested by the situation and by secrets Catherine is holding onto.  (MONTLAKE, Jun.,444 pp, $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates