Image of The Amish Widow's New Love (Love Inspired)


Image of The Amish Widow's New Love (Love Inspired)

Readers may be familiar with Tolsma’s World War II books, but she’s now making her Love Inspired debut. Parts of The Amish Widow's New Love don’t have the typical Amish feel to it, and readers are left wondering a bit too long about what happened with Elam, Aaron and Naomi. Themes of loss, heartache, forgiveness and love are all relatable. The characters are realistically drawn, and it is a pleasant read overall.

Widow Naomi is shocked that Elam, her former beau, has the nerve to return to their community after the pain and heartache he caused her and her family. However, she does agree to work with him on a local auction designed to raise money for local medical needs, of which her son could benefit from, as he needs surgery. Elam wants to make amends and remain in the community, but he has not been welcomed back with open arms. He still loves Naomi, but he feels he may have lost out on his chance with her. As things become more uncomfortable, will Elam run again? Or will Naomi find it in her heart to forgive Elam and give him a second chance? (LOVE INSPIRED, May, 224 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee