Image of Androcide (Intel 1 Book 5)


Image of Androcide (Intel 1 Book 5)

The fifth installment of the INTEL 1 series has diverse, well-developed characters and an intricate, engaging story. This is a standalone novel, but it may help to read the previous books to fully understand character motivation. Stebbins skillfully tackles issues of gender identity amidst a familiar embattled political climate (readers will readily discern who the billionaire presidential candidate mirrors). While packed with action, the plot is slow to mature, and that coupled with lengthy monologues--many given by the murderer--makes for a long read. Still, this is an enjoyable novel that will leave readers satisfied.

NYPD detective Tyrell Sacker is on the hunt for the "Eunuch Maker," a serial killer who removes the reproductive organs of their male victims. As the body count rises, the murderer reveals a hidden agenda. Meanwhile, the members of INTEL 1 are attempting to capture the head of a deadly conspiracy organization. When the two investigations collide, will they solve the case in time to not only save New York, but the world? (TWICE PI PRESS, Sept., 360pp., $3.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart