Excellent, entertaining, humorous scenarios make up Levine’s latest. His storytelling will keep readers turning the pages with its slight edginess, light-hearted tone and clear, crisp dialogue. Arabella is strong, sassy and clever, and her journey, as she makes her way back to Mars on an airship, makes this story an engaging read.

In England, Arabella Ashby is desperate to get back home to Mars to stop a pending danger to her family. As she rushes toward London, she steals clothes left drying out on a fence, dresses herself in disguise as a boy and spots a notice on a wall calling for volunteers for a clipper ship headed to Mars. Seeing a chance to get home, she volunteers and ends up part of the crew of the Mars Company airship Diana, instead. Arabella’s adventurous journey begins as she learns her naval duties while honing her clockwork skills and captivating the airship’s enigmatic captain. (TOR, Jul., 352 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates