Image of The Art of Running in Heels


Image of The Art of Running in Heels

The question at the heart of this delightful romance is: What can possibly go wrong? The answer: pretty much everything! From the start, this is a clever love story set in the world of professional hockey. The long-suffering parents, the clue-deprived hero and the heroine who is simply trying to build a successful business make for a lively and funny love story. Lexie’s penchant for making lists to orchestrate her goals is another fun element to this romance, and readers will be entertained from her first appearance, running away from the altar in full wedding regalia (in five-inch heels) to her happily (chaotic) ever after.

Lexie Kowalsky joined the cast of the reality show Gettin’ Hitched as a way to spread the word about her doggie couture business. What she didn’t plan for was actually winning and then getting married on national TV. The only problem is she leaves the groom at the altar! Recently traded Seattle Chinooks hockey player Sean Knox is on a seaplane, on his way to visit his chronic hypochondriac mother. This sudden trip puts him at odds with his coach, who turns out to be Lexie’s father, and he already has a low opinion of Sean. In this comedy of errors, the pair is literally thrown together, and they spend the rest of their time trying to explain their sudden hook-up. (AVON, Dec., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins