Image of Awakening


Image of Awakening

Awakening is intense, alluring and full of mystique. Scott’s savvy use of flashbacks helps steer readers through the 20 years of Taj and Cheyenne’s past as it collides with their future. The horrors they experience as teenagers thrust them into a pact of secrecy — one they maintain even as they vow their love to others. Secondary characters dot the landscape of this novel, yet it’s our obsession with Taj and Cheyenne that longs to be quieted. Awakening is incredible from the beginning to the befitting climax.

The innocence that shines in Taj’s hazel eyes and the beauty that glows upon Cheyenne’s bronze skin is scarred when their flight to Jamaica plunges these strangers into a hell that ignites an unparalleled bond between them. Their secret awakens in an uncanny twist of fate years later when Taj recognizes Cheyenne’s angelic voice in a church. Independently, they decide to face their demons —  but it may cost them the love they’ve grown to embrace.

(DAFINA, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton