Image of The Beauty of Us: A Fusion Novel


Image of The Beauty of Us: A Fusion Novel

The latest Fusion novel will entice, enthrall and engage readers far and wide. Proby has a knack for drawing readers in with her witty storytelling and heated romances that keep readers engaged until the very end. Riley is a strong and confident character, and how can one not fall for Trevor? He’s the typical alpha male with a soft heart. Once you sink your teeth into this juicy tale, you’ll find yourself wishing that the Seduction restaurant was actually in your city!

Executive producer Trevor Cooper heads to Portland in hopes of convincing Riley Gibson, co-owner of the chic restaurant Seduction, to feature her eatery on the Best Bites TV network. But to his surprise, the business meeting turns into love at first sight. Riley is excited to have her eatery on television, but her best friend and head chef Mia isn’t entirely thrilled to have cameras following them around 24/7. She is also worried when she sees how googly-eyed Trevor is around Riley. As a business owner, Riley is overly cautious, and she questions Trevor’s motives — is he really falling for her, or is he putting on a good act to get the contract signed and elevate his TV career? (WILLIAM MORROW, Aug., 304 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi