Discovering you are part of an ancient and tragic love triangle is only the newest twist thrown at Armstrong’s heroine Olivia Taylor-Jones. As each new addition in the amazing Cainsville series proceeds, everything that Olivia thought she knew about her life and world is rocked. Mega-talent Armstrong does an outstanding job adding new complexity to this already eerie and intense book. Armstrong never disappoints!

Each time Olivia thinks she is getting a handle on her life, events quickly prove her wrong. Not only has Olivia learned that her biological parents became serial killers to heal her as a child, but she also has supernatural blood. Complicating her life even more, Olivia also learned that she is part of an ancient tragedy, because she is the reincarnated Matilda, while her boyfriend Ricky is Arawn and her attorney Gabriel is Gwynn ap Nudd. Are they destined to unwittingly repeat the past, or can they find a way to break the pattern? When some street kids turn up murdered and Ricky is being framed, they all must work together to discover who is really behind these horrific events. (RANDOM HOUSE, Aug., 432 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith