Image of Bliss


Image of Bliss

The constant squabbling between his loyal warrior, Lord Hethe Holden, and Holdens neighbor, Lady Helen Tiernay, gives King Henry no choice but to force them to wed in order to stop their quarrels.

When Lady Helen hears about the outrageous command, she thinks of every way possible to drive Hethe away, from garlic and foul smelling breath, to horrid food and ale, to fleas in his bed, anything she can think of.

Hethe does not want to marry either, but after his first look at the stunning lady, he is suddenly willing to sacrifice his freedom to marry Helen. Her antics are almost too much for himthat is, until Hethe catches on and begins to play the game.

BLISS is a laugh-out-loud read that tickles your funny bone and heats your blood. As Lindsey Sands well-crafted characters play their special courtship games, they also discover that someone has been causing many problems on Hethes estate; the tinge of mystery adds a delightful subplot to a sexy, funny, highly entertaining tale. SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin