Image of Blood of the Earth (A Soulwood Novel)


Image of Blood of the Earth (A Soulwood Novel)

Hunter brings readers back into Jane Yellowrock’s world and seamlessly introduces a new main character. Filled with magic, witches, vampires and otherworldly non-human beings, Hunter’s latest will intrigue and draw readers in quickly. Hunter has created a distinctively unique and compelling character with Nell that rivals her Jane Yellowrock character. Hunter’s vivid storytelling, intricate plot and high-stakes tension make this an amazing read.

Agent Rick LaFleur from PsyLED, a law enforcement unit that deals with paranormal crimes involving magic and magic-using creatures, is sent by Jane Yellowrock to Nell Ingram, a woman who possesses intense magical powers. Rick needs Nell’s help tracking down a paranormal-hating terrorist group and he wants her to join PsyLED as a consultant. Nell is reluctant to join, but knows joining PsyLED will keep her safe from the insidious cult of her youth. Yet her first investigation comes with intense danger and personal challenge. (ROC, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates