Image of Blue Blooded: Jessica McClain Book 6


Image of Blue Blooded: Jessica McClain Book 6

Exceptionally talented Carlson is back with the stunning conclusion of female werewolf Jessica McClain’s amazing saga. The great news is that although this is most likely the last Jessica-centric book, the “Blooded” world will be back with a series of spin-off novels focusing on some much-loved secondary characters. Carlson does an outstanding job taking the plot threads from previous books and pulling them together for a rip-roaring finale! A job very well done!

Having a Hag of Fate thirsting for revenge and wanting you to die can really throw a spanner into life, as new supernatural Coalition member Jessica is finding out. Regrettably, Jessica was forced to take an action that prevented deceased Hag Bianca from being reborn, so now her sister Enid is out to destroy Jessica. To get Jessica to the correct place to die, Enid has kidnapped a number of Jessica’s friends, including Danny and Naomi, and taken them to Italy. Finding a way to rescue those she loves and keep Enid from killing her will take help and unexpected maneuverings from Jessica’s mate Rourke and the rest of the gang. In the end it will be up to Jessica to untangle the strands of fate surrounding her to hopefully find a way out! (AMANDA CARLSON, Dec., 341 pp., $8.99) 
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith