Image of Boardwalk Summer: A Novel


Image of Boardwalk Summer: A Novel

This compelling tale has all the glamour of Hollywood combined with the charm of the Santa Cruz boardwalk. The mystery and adventure are inviting, along with the cover. It’s a joy to see the stories unfold. Though Viola’s (past) storyline is a bit more developed than Marisol’s, they are blended in a way that pulls the reader in. Watch out for the surprise twist!

In 1940, Violet Harcourt longed to be a Hollywood actress, and she hoped winning a local beauty pageant would give her the “in” she needed. With the perfect marriage and looks, Violet seemed destined for fame. Her journey didn’t go quite as planned, however, and decades later, questions still surround her life and death, creating the perfect Hollywood mystery. Many years later, in 2017, while preparing for the local centennial celebration, Marisol Cruz comes across some pictures in her grandfather’s possessions that she decides to explore further. He was a famed performer, and it appears he was linked to 1940s beauty Violet Harcourt. This connection has Marisol delving through local history, and what she discovers may shape her and change her life forever. (WILLIAM MORROW, Jun., 384 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee