Image of Body Parts


Image of Body Parts

Just when readers think they’ve recovered from one adrenaline rush, another hits as they devour this YA thriller laced with science fiction. Kapp skillfully places heart-pumping sequences in the midst of passages where readers can catch their breath and relish the well-developed characters — like Tabitha, who is hastily rediscovering her reality. Though Body Parts has some already-been-done ingredients of dystopian YA mega-hits, it nevertheless feels as new and indulgent as its outstanding forerunners.

Tabitha, a teenager at an elite foster center, has always been focused on one goal: impress a foster family enough for them to choose her. That means running, swimming, weight training and more until she’s in top physical condition. Suddenly, Tabitha’s name is the one being called — she’s been paired with a family. But while Tabitha thinks she’s on her way to meet her foster parents, she’s suddenly being sedated in the back of a speeding van. It turns out Tabitha was about to be harvested for her perfect organs by pharmaceutical company PharmPerfect, and a group of renegade kids just saved her. As Tabitha learns about PharmPerfect's barbaric practices, all she wants to do is save her friends. (DIVERSION, Aug., 294 pp., $14.99, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Tricia Carr