Image of Body Shots (Masters Of Pleasure)


Image of Body Shots (Masters Of Pleasure)

The necessary parts of an erotic ménage romance are present: multiple men and a heroine. The pieces to make this a juicy read are not. I would be hard-pressed to tell you the connection between Crystal, Trent and Mac. Apparently it took one look for the heroine — after an abusive relation- ship — to know she wanted them, and a bout of bedroom gymnastics for the men to know she was the one. While the men were falling, I was trying to figure out what the three saw in each other.

On Crystal’s first night out after her abusive marriage ends, she meets Trent and Mac, the owners of a club called Kinks. Crystal has never been in a loving relationship, let alone one with two men, and when they quickly confess their love, she finds it a bit too much. When the one man she never wanted to see again comes back into her life, she receives a stark reminder of what love is not. (KENSINGTON, Oct., 320 pp., $ 15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Marcia Tealer