Image of A Borrowed Dream (Cimarron Creek Trilogy)


Image of A Borrowed Dream (Cimarron Creek Trilogy)

The second book in Cabot’s Cimarron Creek trilogy is even better than the first, with a dash of suspense, an intriguing bit of medical history and a host of enjoyable characters. Lydia’s best friend, Charlotte, proves to be a layered heroine with an emotional backstory and a puzzling dream. The people she collects as the story progresses — Austin, Hannah, Seth and Grace — are equally dimensional and will take up residence in readers’ hearts right alongside Charlotte, Lydia and Travis. While Cabot has penned a sweet story with swoony kisses, there are also a couple of heartwrenching subplots that elevate the novel beyond “just” a romance. One stunning turn of events did seem a bit difficult to swallow, but it’s a minor issue compared to the compelling nature of the rest of the novel.

Charlotte Whitfield has grown to enjoy her job as the schoolteacher in Cimarron Creek, but she’s given up on the dream of falling in love. Instead, she tries her best to care for the children in her class, doing what she can to protect them from the quack doctor who hastened her mother’s death. New to Cimarron Creek, Austin Goddard may appear to be a widowed rancher and single father. In reality, he’s a surgeon fleeing a notorious criminal who threatened his most precious possession — his young daughter Hannah. When Charlotte takes the struggling Hannah under her wing, she can’t help but also develop feelings for Austin. He’s falling in love with her, too, but what will Charlotte say when she finds out he’s really a doctor, the profession she distrusts with every fiber of her being? And are Austin and Hannah safe in Cimarron Creek, or did they leave a trail behind? (REVELL, Mar., 352 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Carrie Townsend