Image of Bought: The Greek's Innocent Virgin


Image of Bought: The Greek's Innocent Virgin
Chantal decides to crash the party of the year in Paris to test her confidence and ends up falling in love. Greek billionaire Angelos Zouvelekis is captivated, until he gets ahold of Chantal's ticket and believes she's a well-known gold digger. It's only after they've been together that he realizes his monumental error. Angelos is about to embark on the wildest adventure of his life, and it's called love. Sarah Morgan combines the familiar mistaken-identity and woman-as-gold-digger plots and turns Bought: The Greek's Innocent Virgin (4.5) into an unexpected surprise. The terrific heroine, despite her lack of self-confidence, shines with her beliefs and strong will, and this hero is smart enough to know she's the catch of a lifetime.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers