Image of Brightly Burning


Image of Brightly Burning

It isn’t often that a book will hold appeal for readers of futuristic science fiction and classics fans alike, but it would appear that Alexa Donne has pulled it off. Her retelling of Jane Eyre in space keeps faith with its source material, presenting readers with a moody gothic tale; a compelling, emotional romance and a pulse-pounding, intergalactic adventure — all in one wonderfully engaging novel. Although not all aspects of Brontë’s novel translate successfully, Donne does impressive work updating the more overly troubling themes, making this a story for this century, even as it pays homage to the past.

Trapped in a stifling spaceship in orbit around a long-frozen earth, Stella Ainsley dreams of nothing more than freedom. So when she is offered a position as a governess aboard the private ship Rochester, she accepts, even if it means spending her days with the moody, secluded captain, Hugo Fairfax. But even as she finds herself drawn to Hugo’s unexpected sense of humor, Stella can’t ignore the strange happenings on the Rochester that put both her and Hugo’s life in danger. Will uncovering the secrets of the ship bring Stella peace — or break her heart? (HMH, May, 400 pp., $17.99, 13 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown