Image of Bring Me Back: A Novel


Image of Bring Me Back: A Novel

Paris is quickly making a name for herself with suspenseful reads, and this one mostly delivers. The storyline is intriguing and definitely keeps the reader turning pages to figure out what on earth happened to Layla, because it's known from the beginning that Finn isn't telling the entire truth about what happened. Yet when all is said and done, the ending is just so far-fetched and unbelievable that it's a letdown after all of the exciting suspense throughout. Finn's decisions seem quite juvenile and contrived and the other characters don’t feel fleshed out. Overall, if the reader can ignore the holes in logic, this novel is quite entertaining and a very fast-paced experience.

Finn and Layla are taking a road trip in France. They pull into a rest area at night where Finn goes in to use the facilities; when he comes out, Layla is missing — or so he tells the police. Fast forward ten years in the future and Layla has still never been found, and Finn is engaged to Emma, who just happens to be Layla's sister. He comes home and finds Emma holding a Russian doll, one exactly like the one Layla had when she went missing. Things begin to unravel for Finn and he starts to wonder if Layla might still be alive. (ST MARTIN'S, Jun., 304 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel