Image of On the Brink of Passion: Snow & Ice Games


Image of On the Brink of Passion: Snow & Ice Games

In the final book of the Snow & Ice Games series, a sweet but persistent hero thaws his prickly partner’s ice princess persona. Parker excels in showcasing how the sheer physicality and fierce competitiveness of ice skating affects Jubilee and Beckett both on and off the ice.
Although the premise is a little ridiculous — worried that Beckett will disrupt her pre-competition routines by bringing his hookups to their shared room, Jubilee insists that she meet his sexual needs instead — the way the couple perseveres and learns to respect and trust each other will win over any reader. Parker’s matter-of-fact portrayal of Beckett and Jubilee’s mental health issues was also very compelling.

Everything can change in an instant. When Jubilee Buford’s skating partner and husband suddenly collapsed on the ice from an aneurysm mid-routine, she lost the love of her life … and then nearly lost her career to injury. Three years of hard work and emotional compartmentalization find her back at the Snow & Ice Games, a favorite to medal with her new partner, Beckett Hughes. However, when a lodging mix-up means Jubilee and Beckett will have to share a room in the overcrowded Athlete’s Village, the neat divide between their work and personal relationship disintegrates and awakens feelings neither of them expected. (SWERVE, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ana Coqui