Image of Broken Halo


Image of Broken Halo

Grey continues to outdo herself as a writer of male/male erotic romance. While the protagonist can be a bit hard to find likable, this red-hot read has surprising depth at its core as it deals with self-esteem issues and the shame of having a certain sexual preference that some might consider taboo. Broken Halo is an eye-opening page-turner that titillates and teaches how to love oneself.

Micah Ellis is a rich and uptight headhunter in Toronto coasting through life until he accidentally finds the man of his dreams. Devon Mallory is a struggling mechanic who is easy on the eyes and equally charming. As their love story begins to blossom, so do Micah's insecurities. Midway into their steamy affair, Devon starts to discover more about his lover's illicit past and why Micah is so broken. Will Micah be able to keep himself from falling to shambles? Can Devon's love for Micah endure? (DREAMSPINNERPRESS.COM, dl $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Naeisha Rose