Image of Broken Places (A Chicago Mystery)


Image of Broken Places (A Chicago Mystery)

The first book in the new Chicago Mystery series is chock full of eccentric characters and a fierce PI who demands answers. Eventually, a small group is formed around a PI firm that is street-savvy and highly entertaining. The streets of Chicago provide enough fodder for a intense page-turning adventure.

Cass Raines is a retired Chicago detective who lives with a healthy dose of skepticism. She resigned after she was shot during an operation that included an incompetent fellow detective with high-level connections within the Chicago Police Department. When her surrogate father, Rev. Ray Heaton, is murdered in his church, Cass is not going to leave the investigation in the hands of the same detective responsible for her injury. She will find his killer no matter whom she needs to step over. Since the body of a gang member was also found at the same time, the theory is that Ray foiled a robbery and accidentally killed the young man — this may have led to Ray taking his own life. Cass knew the man and she’s not buying it. Especially since he came to her about threats he received and he also thought he was being followed. As Cass digs deeper, she discovers that in his work with various groups, he helped immensely but also stepped on a few toes. As Cass unravels the mystery, she discovers the depth of Ray’s influence on the community. He tried to save everyone. She just needs to find the one soul who did not want salvation … just vengeance. (KENSINGTON, Jun., 352 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins