Image of The Cabin


Image of The Cabin

Preston's mystery will grab readers' attention almost immediately, but sadly it gets a bit confusing in the thick of things. The storyline flows freely, and sometimes a little too fast, but fans of suspense will find their way through to the finish line eventually. The characters are colorful and animated, and readers will feel for the cast and their challenges. Fans of YA thrillers will scramble to figure out who's to blame. Expect a few surprises and a spectacular ending.

Josh's family cabin in the woods is the perfect spot for a graduation party. But soon after arriving, two of their friends are murdered. The police are baffled and can't figure out who the culprit is, as all fingers point to the last five remaining guests. Mackenzie refuses to believe that any of her cronies could kill, so who was it? She decides to attempt to piece together clues, but her determination could put the rest of them in danger. This horrific tragedy could easily turn into a historic defeat amongst friends if she doesn't act fast. But as secrets are unearthed one by one, she starts to question if any of them were really her friends after all. (SOURCEBOOKS, Sep., 336 pp., $10.99, ISBN: 9781492618553, PB, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi