These two megastars bring tales to readers that are off-the-charts hot. In both stories, the men are trying to get the women to finally take notice of them, while the women are each busy struggling with a battle they are trying to overcome. Two great stories by two great authors — what more can a reader ask for?

In Hart’s “Letting Go,” Colleen is coping with the memories of a horrible marriage. She visit her local bar, the Fallen Angel, every Thursday night and orders the same thing. Jesse looks forward to Thursday night because he knows that the mysterious Colleen will show up. One Thursday, during a severe snowstorm, Colleen makes a move and Jesse takes the bait. Afterward, she needs to decide if this relationship is worth the risk of heartbreak. Reisz’s “Seize the Night” has horse farm manager Remi seeking out a rival’s son, Julien, to see if there is something shady going on between the two farms. The two share a past that neither can forget. Will their feelings for each other be enough to form a real relationship? (COSMO RED HOT READS, Nov., 240 pp., $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson