Garber’s YA debut is worthy of all its buzz! The magical world she thrusts her trepidatious protagonist into is wondrous, beguiling and almost reminiscent of Oz. The twists are surprising and engaging, and the ending satisfying yet tantalizing. You’ll love this fantastical story of sisters trying to find their own way in the world, all via a magical invitation.

Scarlett and Tella have spent their entire lives on the small island where their vicious and violent father governs. Scarlett is anxious to marry her mysterious fiancé in a few weeks, while Tella is more concerned with a different kind of escape. When at last an invitation arrives for the mysterious and storied Caraval — a days-long performance where the audiences play right along — off the sisters go (one reluctant, one excited) to have the adventure of their lives … assuming they survive. (FLATIRON, Feb., 416 pp., $18.99, 12 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Elissa Petruzzi