Image of Catching Heat (Cold Case Justice)


Image of Catching Heat (Cold Case Justice)

The concluding third book in Cantore's Cold Case Justice series is both satisfying and thrilling throughout. It's fascinating to watch the villains unravel, causing tension because readers won't know which characters will survive the chaos. The slowly developing love story between Abby and Luke finally catches on fire in this installment, yet even so it seems to take a bit too long to get to its inevitable outcome. The action continues to be top notch, with accurate police procedures from the retired police officer author that add credibility and drama to the tale.

Although Detective Abby Hart knows that the governor's wife, Alyssa Rollins, is behind the deaths of her parents many years before, she lacks the evidence she needs to make an accusation that will stick and put the woman behind bars for good. Abby and PI Luke Murphy travel to another town in California to investigate a cold case, but also uncover some secrets about Alyssa's past that she is desperate to keep hidden. Yet Abby and Luke don't realize how determined Alyssa is to keep things under wraps until it's nearly too late. (TYNDALE, Sep., 432 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel