Image of Cat's Lair (A Leopard Novel)


Image of Cat's Lair (A Leopard Novel)

A criminal kingpin, a young woman on the run and the tough martial arts instructor determined to protect her are already a dangerous combo, but when you add in the primal urges and hot blood of Leopard instincts, you get one really combustible mix. There is danger, sensuality and aggression aplenty as Feehan’s new hero displays a hefty dose of the hyper-possessive and protective nature of his people. Powerful and passionate? That’s classic Feehan!

When she was 11 years old, Catarina Benoit’s mother handed her over to Leopard shifter and criminal kingpin Rafe Cordeau. Not allowed to attend school or have a tutor, Catarina was forced to educate herself in secret. She was finally able to escape Rafe’s clutches, but she knows he is still on the hunt. Settled into a new life in Texas, Cat meets Ridley Cromer, the new guy at the dojo where Cat’s currently learning self-defense. Ridley’s also a regular at Poetry Slam, the bookstore/coffee shop where Cat picks up work as a barista. The two begin to build a friendship, but as Cat enters her Han Vol Dan — aka her “heat” — it’s getting harder for her to control the Leopard lurking inside her. Ridley struggles with his own feelings for Cat and his deep urge to protect her. He knows Cat has some secrets, but Ridley’s hiding a few of his own. (JOVE, May, 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith