Image of Children of Fire (The Chaos Born)


Image of Children of Fire (The Chaos Born)

From the first page of Children of Fire, Karpyshyn captures the reader’s attention with his excellent, intricate storyline, which contains twist after twist, never becoming too predictable. In fact, he is so successful at building reader investment that Children of Fire is nearly impossible to put down. Almost all of the characters are complex and dynamic, changing and growing throughout the story, and as pressure builds on the characters, pressure builds on the reader, who will want to keep reading until the very end. If the first installment is this impressive, I can’t wait to see what Karpyshyn has planned for the sequel.

Many centuries ago, the True Gods fought a vicious war with the Slayer and his allies, eventually winning and locking him in the Sea of Chaos, using their Legacy as a barrier. Unfortunately the Legacy has faded over the years and the Slayer knows this. To make the way for his return, the Slayer sends four seeds of himself into the human world to be born as creatures of Chaos. Each seed takes a completely different path, but eventually the paths begin to connect. Prophets around the land see visions of fire and destruction, another war with the Slayer and even the end of the world. These visions begin to come true when Slayer sends his Minions through the Legacy as well. But as the seeds of Chaos mature, they must choose whose side they are on: the human world’s or the Slayer’s. Their decisions have the potential to save or destroy the world. (DEL REY, Aug., 492 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Annalee Schuck