Image of Christmastime Cowboy: A Small-Town Romance (Copper Ridge)


Image of Christmastime Cowboy: A Small-Town Romance (Copper Ridge)

Let's just say that emotion sparks like lightning, and passion burns brightly whenever Liam and Sabrina are in the same room … even when they arduously try to hide it! This is a relationship long in the making, as Yates has teased and hinted at their troublesome pasts throughout her last few novels, drawing out the tension like a tightly coiled spring. In the 13th Copper Ridge book, readers will also enjoy reading about people and places from previous books which adds more depth to this series.

Thirteen years ago, Liam Donnelly broke Sabrina's young heart by walking away without a word. They have avoided each other ever since he moved back to Copper Ridge to claim his portion of the Laughing Irish Ranch. Now, a joint expansion venture between the ranch and Sabrina's Grassroots Winery means they must set aside the past and work together. (HQN, Oct., 226 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty