Image of City of Wolves


Image of City of Wolves

In her first published novella, Palecek successfully blends noir crime fiction with both paranormal and historical fiction. Although the setting and time frame are never confirmed — references lead readers to believe the tale is set in a Victorian-esque Britain — the author’s worldbuilding is well done. She nails the first person narrative from the perspective of a hard-boiled British private investigator and the mystery of the whodunit is well played until the end.

Alexander Drake is an investigator for hire who isn’t particularly fond of the nobility. So when he’s taken from the streets and hauled away to a private meeting with a potential client, he’s less than happy. The elder Lord Abergreen has been found dead on the grounds of the family estate and his younger son suspects his older brother might be involved. With the reluctant assistance of a wizard, some careful cooperation from the Crown’s own police inspector and some exhaustive leg work, Drake solves the mystery of Abergreen’s death and learns more than he really wanted to know about the nobility. (TOR.COM, Aug., 112 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice