Image of Claimed: A For Her Novel


Image of Claimed: A For Her Novel

Riley doesn’t disappoint with this set-the-pages-on-fire HOT story! Jordan and Jay’s chemistry is combustible right from the beginning. Claimed starts out slow but picks up speed with the addition of threatening and mysterious notes being sent to Jay. The determination and strength of the characters will have readers flipping the pages to see if this couple will get their happily ever after.

Jay Rose is the assistant to the mega-millionaire owner of Osbourne Corporation. It’s a position she loves and she is really good at it. Everyone in the office seems to keep her at arm’s length except for Jordan Chen. Jordan is a member of the security team and has a huge crush on Jay. They eat lunch together occasionally, but he does not know how to move the relationship out of the friend zone. Finally, at one of their lunches, he works up the nerve to ask her out on a date. What happens from here is a series of accidents and flubs. Determined to have a date without any mishaps, Jordan and Jay are oblivious to the evil that is looking to destroy what they just started. (CARINA, dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson