Image of Collide


Image of Collide

Smart, funny and highly sensual, Collide is a roller-coaster ride that’s as emotional as it is unconventional. The dream sequences are a great excuse to spice up the story with hot, unencumbered sex, which Hart excels at writing. A plot twist toward the end, however, may divide readers’ opinions.

After suffering a childhood accident, Emmaline Moser suffers from “fugue states” — seizure-like blackouts that cause her to hallucinate. Enter Johnny Dellasandro, a hot-as-sin painter who starred in a series of raunchy films in the ‘70s. Emm is almost 30 years younger than Johnny — until her fugues start sending her 30 years into the past. While Johnny seemingly ignores her advances in the present, the Johnny of her dreams can’t keep his hands off of her. Besides slipping unconscious and slipping under the covers with Johnny (in her mind), Emm gossips with her best friend at a coffee shop and chats with her mother on the phone. The story really starts moving when Emm and Johnny finally “collide” in the present day. (SPICE, Jul., 352 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Andrew Shaffer