Image of A Column of Fire (Kingsbridge)


Image of A Column of Fire (Kingsbridge)

The Knightsbridge saga continues as the cathedral in Pillars of the Earth is now the apex of a monumental religious conflict. Follet captures the drama, thrilling history, passion and political upheaval of the 16th century through the lives and eyes of one family. His attention to detail enhances the storytelling, and though some will see this as a soap opera, it is really a historical spectacle as they travel the globe with engaging fictional and real personages who embody the spirit of the time. There is nothing quite like a sprawling historical novel to take a reader’s breath away, and few are better at it than Follet.

Young Ned Willard returns home from Antwerp with one thought on his mind — to see his beloved Margery Fitzgerald. The Fitzgeralds are Catholic in a time in England when it is best to follow the Protestant faith. Ned learns the course of true love never runs smooth when he hears Margery is betrothed. Heartbroken, Ned decides to go into service to Elizabeth as a member of her newly organized secret service. Determined to keep his queen safe from assassination attempts, coups and Catholic rebellion, he works as a spy in England and throughout Europe, always keeping his beloved in mind… and always trying to find a way to be together even as her brother orchestrates treachery. (VIKING, Sep., 928 pp., $36.00)
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Kathe Robin