Image of Commitments (The Seduction Series)


Image of Commitments (The Seduction Series)

The sexy second book in the Seduction series continues with the misadventures of long-time buddies Trey, Vince and Erika, who are still looking for love in all the wrong places. The three characters are multifaceted and flawed — Trey is arrogant with an off-putting personality; Vince and Erika are more relatable despite their relationship hopskotch. The treacherous supporting cast keeps the surprises coming. This is an emotional story that has surprising twists and turns that keep you riveted and anticipating what comes next.

Trey, Vince and Erika have been close friends since college. Trey is a divorce lawyer, Vince an author, motivational speaker and artist, and Erika is a nurse. Trey’s over-inflated ego and sexual escapades are causing serious rifts in their relationship. Old lovers and new are popping in and out of all of their lives, causing chaos and making them rethink and re-evaluate their values. Will any of them find their happiness? (DAFINA, Sep., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg