Image of Complete Me (The Stark Series #3)


Image of Complete Me (The Stark Series #3)

The conclusion of the Stark trilogy features the intense, all-consuming passion that readers have come to expect from Kenner’s sensual prose and a tense, brooding narrative. Though this installment focuses greatly on the personal journeys and inner struggles of its heroine and hero, the deep need and blazing hunger shared by Nikki and Damien are never far from the surface. Devotees will be kept waiting for much of the book for answers to some of the trilogy’s most pressing questions. However, once the action gathers momentum, the revelations come fast, heightening the emotions of the series’ conclusion, reaching a fever pitch.

Nikki Fairchild has followed her beloved Damien Stark to Germany, determined to stand by him during his trial no matter how hard he pushes her away. While the world watches Damien’s scandal with eager eyes, Nikki desperately tries to convince him to fight back, and to fight for her. But Damien is determined to suffer in silence, thinking that keeping his past hidden will protect those he loves — a belief that is further confirmed when an unseen enemy begins targeting Nikki. These two scarred, damaged and passionate people have declared their love for each other, but will that be enough to keep them together? (BANTAM, Aug., 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown