Image of The Complication (Program)


Image of The Complication (Program)

This thrilling sixth installment and emotional conclusion to the Program series will absorb readers devoted to these long-suffering teens as Young brings the story full circle, including fan favorites who return to work together to end this terrifying reign of experimentation and control. The shocking truths seem overwhelming, but Tatum is a strong heroine who is believably imperfect, questioning herself just as she overcomes her fears, facing them as they come with the help of her friends. This series has been a stand out in a field of dystopian drama, with an edgy balance of intense romance and disturbing scientific torments, and Young has been a master at keeping her readers crying for more.

Stunned by the revelation that she was in The Program, Tatum is determined to let Wes lead a safe life without her in spite of his desire to discover more about their past together. Nightmares lead her down a road of crushing memories, and she begins to question her own understanding of all she has been through and how to move forward. When she discovers that her life has been created and continued by lies, she must determine how to save those victimized by The Program, even if it means endangering herself for a future free of manipulation. (SIMON PULSE, May, 464 pp., $17.99, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland