Image of Covert Game (A GhostWalker Novel)


Image of Covert Game (A GhostWalker Novel)

Just when you think Feehan can’t come up with a new twist for her amazing GhostWalker novels, she demonstrates why she’s such a powerhouse writer. Industrial espionage and artificial intelligence are key themes in this newest installment, which features one of Feehan’s most unique heroines. In these thrilling and terrifying stories, Feehan doesn’t shy away from dealing with the evil that lies within some individuals that causes them to delight in brutality and torture. Zara Hightower’s mind is her greatest strength, but in the GhostWalker world, physical endurance can be the key to survival. The fact that Feehan can keep this complex and unforgettable series fresh and exciting is a testament to her incredible storytelling abilities!

GhostWalker Zara Hightower has been sent on a dangerous mission by Dr. Whitney. She is to enter the headquarters of Chinese crime lord Bernard Lee Cheng and recover all the GhostWalker data that was given to him by now-deceased Senator Violet Smythe. Zara is a world-famous expert on AI and much in demand as a lecturer. Her cover is to give a speech while psychically downloading all the stolen data and wiping clean Cheng’s computer network. Zara completes her mission, but is unable to escape. Gino Mazza is a GhostWalker and a perfect killing machine. When Dr. Whitney asks for help from Joe Spagnola’s GhostWalker group, they are suspicious. However, it turns out that Zara is best friends with Bellisia, Ezekiel Fortune’s new mate. Gino and a team manage to rescue Zara, but not before she has been horrifically tortured. The connection between Gino and Zara is electric, but Gino knows that neither Cheng nor his vicious enforcer Bolan Zhu are going to let Zara’s escape go unanswered! (BERKLEY, Mar., 432 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith