Image of Cowboy SEAL Redemption (Navy SEAL Cowboys)


Image of Cowboy SEAL Redemption (Navy SEAL Cowboys)

Returning for a second visit to Revival Ranch, this entry highlights the different types of emotional challenges returning veterans face. The battle scars the hero suffers pale when compared to the betrayal he is facing at home. It’s heartening that the Ranch is working on developing the tools to help these heroes and their loved ones cope with their new reality.

Jack has worked tirelessly with his vet buddies Gabe, Alex and ranch co-owner Becca to prepare to offer counseling and physical activities to other returning vets with PTSD or other traumas. Jack suffered a career-ending injury that also killed a good friend. As he was recovering, he learned that his brother and his fiancé got together, had a child and got married. Welcome home, Jack! Going to the local bar has been the perfect place to relax. Bar owner Rose Rogers is an enigma that Jack wants to solve. She has her own dilemma to work through. When Jack learns that his family is coming to visit, he asks Rose to pose as his girlfriend. In return, Rose is worried that her abusive father may show up, now that he’s out of prison. Rose is the reason he was arrested in the first place. She wants to protect her sisters from his wrath and asks Jack to watch over the bar. As they get to know each other better, they find a kindred spirit in each other ... and their chemistry is over the top! The relationship hits a few bumps, but Jack, to his surprise, has developed deep feelings for Rose. He just needs to break though her emotional defenses and prove that she deserves the love that is all around her. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)

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Jacqui McGugins