Image of A Criminal Magic


Image of A Criminal Magic

Kelly's enchanting novel takes place during the roaring 20s and is slightly reminiscent of The Night Circus with a splash of The Great Gatsby. Readers will be enamored by this sci-fi, magical, New Adult story which is guaranteed to provoke bursts of excitement and surges in one's imagination thanks to the creative and descriptive non-stop flow throughout. And if you happen to judge books by their covers, you'll be floored before you even crack the binding.

Magic is illegal and has been outlawed in Washington, D.C. The streets are overloaded with corruption and gangsters, and the magical underworld is growing at a rapid pace. Sorcerer Joan Kendrick accepts a job working for the Shaw Gang, the city's most infamous crime organization. Alex Danfrey agrees to go undercover to try to infiltrate the organization. Although he is just a trainee, his smarts and special talents could push him further in his career. Once Joan and Alex finally meet, there's obvious chemistry between them, even though they both know there's no time for romance amidst spells, elixirs and danger. Will this bewitching duo find a way to stay safe while Joan atones for her past sins and Alex seeks redemption? (SAGA, Feb., 384 pp., $25.99)

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Jaime A. Geraldi