Image of Danced Close (Portland Heat Book 6)


Image of Danced Close (Portland Heat Book 6)

Albert’s Portland Heat series continues to charm. The author balances the excitement of infatuation and romantic discovery with the tension and uncertainty of a new not-quite-defined relationship to craft a story that is both romantic and nearly heartbreaking. Todd and Kendall are fascinating and frustrating as they struggle to define their feelings and reach beyond their self-imposed boundaries. Brief cameos by previous couples in the series showcase the connection and friendships that tie together the novellas without stealing the spotlight.

Working on shaking off the dismissive and controlling opinions of his ex, Kendall needs a dance partner who is willing to let him lead even if he is the one in heels. Just starting to rebuild his life as an HIV-positive ex-addict, Todd is hesitant to dance again, but he can’t say no to spending time with Kendall. Attraction, chemistry and good intentions only go so far when they try to dance around their quickly deepening feelings. When a fear of commitment and rejection nearly breaks them apart, Kendall and Todd must learn to slow down their pace enough to let honesty and vulnerability build intimacy and trust. (LYRICAL SHINE, dl $1.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ana Coqui