Taiden’s third book in the A.L.F.A. series is an adventure into the world of human trafficking and the corruption of leaders around the world. The pure evil portrayed in the story will give readers chills, and the characters’ heroics and bravery in the face of danger makes for a fantastic story. Where the story falls slightly short is with the mate bond; the shifter knowing instantly is not out of the range of possibility, but the human lead falling in love so quickly was a little far-fetched.

Clumsy FBI Agent Kari Tomlin is finally sent on a field assignment. Usually stuck at her desk solving puzzles and riddles as their top cryptographer, she is thrilled at the opportunity to show what she is made of.  When she receives her assignment, she is a little stunned that she will be working with A.L.F.A. They are a secret government agency of shifters that protect the world from the unknown. One of A.L.F.A.’s agents, Bryon Day, has been undercover and they have lost communication. Kari and another agent will go into the area as tourists to search for him. When they arrive, strange things immediately begin to happen. As soon as the agent is located, an exit is planned but thwarted at every turn. In the midst of danger, Bryon believes that he may have finally found his mate. (INTERMIX, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson