Radclyffe's Dangerous Waters has the feel of a tense television drama, as the narrative interchanges between hurricane trackers and first responders. Sawyer and Dara butt heads in the beginning as each moves for some level of control during the storm's approach, and the interference of a lovely television reporter adds an engaging love triangle threat to the sexual tension brewing between them. Readers set on seeing romance in high-power rains, however, will have to be patient as this book provides more in the action department, but it's well worth the read to see Sawyer and Dara team up.

Floridians are no strangers to tropical storms, but as Leo looms on the horizon everybody is on full alert. National Guard Colonel Sawyer Kincaid finds her vacation interrupted as a result, but when Dr. Dara Sims comes along to assist with a hospital evacuation in the Keys, she's mollified. Dara, dedicated to her job and patients, is reluctant to take orders, no matter how much Sawyer tempts her. Business before pleasure, however, as they race to protect their community from Leo's wrath. (BOLD STROKES BOOKS, Mar., 229 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kaye Allgeier