Image of Danger's Halo: (Holly Danger Book 1)


Image of Danger's Halo: (Holly Danger Book 1)

If you like your futuristic stories on the dystopian side, then Carlson has just the series for you. This talented author dives head-first into a shattered world, where the remaining humans struggle against nature and each other in order to survive. In heroine Holly Danger, Carlson has created a gutsy, dogged and inventive character who lives on the edge, but places high value on her friends and loyalty. The action is just getting started, so jump on board for the exhilarating ride.

Living in this post-apocalyptic world is not easy, but Holly Danger is managing. Working as a salvager allows Holly to survive, but what should be a small job turns into a dangerous nightmare. An anonymous employer requests that Holly recover a runaway urchin. When Holly finds the kid, he is planning on jumping off a cliff. Something about the kid, Daze, appeals to Holly, so she decides to help him rather than turn him over to those seeking him. Daze claims that a new power has arrived in town, a man called Tandor, and that Daze stole something from him in an attempt to save a friend. When Holly realizes the stolen item is a rare quantum drive that is not supposed to exist anymore, and that this Tandor apparently has a machine to read the data, she gets very concerned. Tandor appears to be taking over, so Holly and her friends need to move fast if they are going to stop him — but that might only be the beginning of their problems. (ACI BOOKS, dl, $4.99) 
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith