As Feehan’s incredible series has progressed, she has gifted readers with so many heroines who are resilient and powerful. For these women, using their gifts and testing their limits ensure they are on the front lines of change and danger in the Carpathian world. The pairing of Lycan Zev Hunter with Branislava of Dragonseeker clan takes everyone by surprise, except Branislava who refuses to let him die. Packed with tremendous menace and deadly peril, Feehan’s latest delivers plenty of thrills and chills.

When Lycan warrior Zev Hunter is severely wounded during a critical battle, only the extraordinary measures taken by half mage/half Carpathian Bransilava anchor him to life. Despite the differences between them, Bransilava knows they are destined mates. As Zev begins awakening from his “rebirth,” he realizes his life is forever entwined with Bransilava’s. They also begin to suspect there is something in Zev’s background that makes him different. That difference may well be critical, as an old enemy is about to unleash a terrifying and lethal strike. (BERKLEY, Sep., 432 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith