Image of Dark Ghost (Carpathian Novel, A)


Image of Dark Ghost (Carpathian Novel, A)

The collision between the domineering nature of a centuries-old Carpathian and the independence of a modern woman inevitably leads to sparks of the sensual kind. In this 27th book in Feehan’s extraordinary and long-running series, she returns to crafting a human heroine who is unaware of the existence of supernatural creatures. Teagan Joanes’ healing talent and affinity for crystals could be a game-changer, if she survives her introduction into the Carpathian world. Unfortunately, as parts of this story are still to be revealed in the next book, the ending of Dark Ghost feels just a tad abrupt.

Teagan Joanes came to the Carpathian Mountains hunting for a particular crystal she hopes can help restore her beloved grandmother’s mental health. Teagan’s friend Armend volunteered to guide her, but shortly after they entered the mountains, he attacked her. Teagan escaped and fled higher into the mountains, where she discovers a severely injured man. Carpathian Andre Boroi fought master vampire Costin Popescu and his minions but was almost killed in the process. To be found by his lifemate is a miracle — but with danger still stalking them, drawing a skeptical Teagan into his world will not be easy. (BERKLEY, Sep., 368 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith